Amaey(zing) Shah

The Motivation, Inspiration, and Smiling Force Behind
Kids & Art Foundation

Amaey Shah was three years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. During treatment, it was impossible to know how he’d feel from one day to the next or whether he’d return to the hospital for an extended stay.

Amaey’s mother Purvi began looking for ways to help him feel better.  She realized he was happiest and most at peace when he was creating art. It gave him a chance to escape and create a life he liked, with moments of joy and healing. Artmaking allowed him to just be a kid, rather than a pediatric cancer patient.  That’s when the Kids & Art Foundation was born

Sadly, Amaey passed away at the age of nine after a six-year battle with cancer.  He leaves behind a body of artwork with a lasting and powerful message of courage.  It is also filled with his joy, energy, interests, love of life and creative spirit.  One thing not in these works is cancer according to his mother. 

Amaey was always called “Amazing Amaey” by his friends, which is how the term “Amaeyzing” was coined for many of the Kids & Art programs.

You can read more about Amaey’s Journey on this blog

“For him, cancer was an inconvenience, but art was an escape into a world he controlled and created.”

- Purvi Shah
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