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There are so many benefits for companies that provide service opportunities for their employees. In addition to the personal satisfaction that employees receive, and often demand, the company also stands to benefit from giving back to the community. What are you looking for?

Top 5 Reasons For Corporate Employment Engagement Opportunities

  1. Boosts morale and attracts top talent.
  2. Creates and maintains new and existing professional connections.
  3. Makes your community a better place to live in, earning the public’s trust and loyalty.
  4. Increases a sense of belonging, purpose, and self-esteem in employees.

Kids & Art has a wide range of opportunities that can provide corporate employees with all of these benefits and more. In fact, we customize these opportunities to meet your needs.

Corporate Sponsorships

The aim of our work is making daily life—and outcomes—better for children and teens battling illness through every phase of treatment and recovery, including bereavement. While medical teams focus on treating the disease, funding and resources—including time—are scarce for addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of the disease. Cancer patients and their families suffer from a range of psychosocial issues, including PTSD, cancer-related fatigue, and social isolation. 

Our programs provide opportunities for connection, enrichment, self-expression, and community for pediatric cancer patients and their families at no cost. Integral to our program design are professional artists, offering a unique, collaborative, and inspiring experience of creative engagement for the children.

As a nonprofit organization, our ability to provide support to families facing childhood cancer is dependent not only on the dedication of our team, but also the corporate support we receive. It is together that we are able to improve the wellbeing of the young patients, siblings, and caregivers we serve. That’s why Kids & Art offers corporate sponsorship opportunities structured to support our programs and serve our families, while supporting the goals of your organization as well.

We might not be able to cure pediatric cancer but we can be there for our families through their treatment journey.
Can we count on you for your support as a Kids & Art Sponsor?

Team Building

Getting involved with Kids & Art doesn’t just support the organization, it gives you the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people, improve moods and health, enrich your sense of purpose, and help make your community a better place. Team building art workshops encourage team members to come together, experience the benefits of artmaking, and express their creative side in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. Kids & Art offers two styles of team building opportunities:

Team Building Art Workshop
  • Each project is inspired by a young artist in cancer treatment. Led by Kids & Art professional artist, the workshop guides teams through the creation of a selected project and how the project helps kids battling cancer.
  • $2,000 for up to 20 people.  Each additional person is $100/ person.
Packing Supplies + Team Building Art Workshop
  • Combination of art supply packing workshop with team building art workshop
  • $2,500 for up to 20 people. Each additional person is $125/person
To learn more or schedule your team building workshop, contact:

Corporate Giving/Matching Programs

Companies can make a real difference to nonprofit organizations, helping them achieve their mission. Corporate giving programs help meet employees’ expectations of social responsibility. Research shows that millennials prefer working for companies with a culture of giving. Recruitment is easier and rates of retention are higher. Employees want to work for companies that are socially responsible and also want to support their communities.

Support Kids & Art by including information about our organization in your internal corporate giving platforms, and support matching for employee donations.

Kids & Art is on Benevity and you can find us by looking for: Kids & Art Foundation – 840-271415727


“The benefits of employee volunteer programs include improved employee satisfaction, increased brand reputation, more effective talent recruitment, and much more. According to a Deloitte survey, more than 70% of surveyed employees say volunteering boosts enthusiasm more than happy hours. And 89% think organizations that sponsor volunteer activities offer a better working environment.” – Eric Thompson, Submittable

Every small effort can touch human life in such an impactful manner. Corporate giving can include employee volunteering which creates a positive attitude in the workplace. Community involvement among employees leads to higher morale. It brings people together from all levels of the organization, with everyone working toward a common goal.

Kids & Art offers a wide range of ways that company teams can support and engage with the organization from packing ArtKits to helping at events, hosting our destination workshops, or donating supplies. We offer these many choices and are always open to new ideas.

If your or your company would like to assist Kids & Art Foundation with our mission to provide art programs to children with cancer and their families please contact