Professional artists, trained to understand the unique needs of children facing serious illness, are at the heart of all we do. They design art projects, lead workshops, work 1:1 with pediatric patients and siblings, and share their own art and artists studios with our participants as part of one creative community. Through our programs these Amaeyzing people help pediatric patients escape their illnesses and treatments and enter a world of pure creativity, connection, and joy. Kids & Art has been honored to have had an exceptionally talented and diverse group of working artists contribute their time, energy, and talent to our patient families over the years.

We are proud to give you a sense for the incredible artist experiences available to the children we serve:

Amy Bainton

Visual Artist

Charu Clark


Toby Cochran

Storyboard Artist

Jill Coolidge

Oil on Board/Canvas

Janae Dueck


Emily Dvorin

Basketry Artist

Rinat Goren

Encaustic (Beeswax)

Ethel Jimenez

Acrylics, Photography

Sophia Lee

Mixed Media

Bianca Levin

Hand Cut Paper

Helen Cole Lew


Erin McCluskey Wheeler

Mixed Media Artist

Philina Mui

Munny Artist

Diane Ngo

Watercolors, Pen, and Ink

Patty Owyang


Natalie Palms

Multidisciplinary Artist

Celina Paul

Woodcuts, Serigraphs, Acrylics

Cecile Picard

Sculptor, Painter

Alex Puvilland

Animation Artist

Caroline Robins

Acrylics, Printmaking and Needlepoint

Harumo Sato

Visual Artist

Kay Weber

Paper Cutting Artist

Crystal Vielula

Watercolor, Ink, and Acrylic

Peng Peng Wang

Art Conservator

Taili Wu

Stop-motion Artist

Jesus Zamarron

Mixed Media Artist