Art Heals

Cancer Sucks Art Heals

CANCER SUCKS is the language of our kids. ART HEALS is what we speak at Kids & Art. Every child with cancer waits for an average of 2 to 3 hours at every care center visit. And countless hours at home, waiting to feel better. Waiting is scary. They miss their friends. They miss school. They miss life without pain. They miss being a kid. And not only do children have to manage their own emotions, they naturally worry about their caregivers, too. It's a lot.

Kids & Art harnesses the power of the arts to heal children's hearts and minds while their bodies do battle. Easing the stress, anxiety, and trauma from diagnosis to treatment, our art programs provide a healing pathway to the imagination—the place where children find relief and creativity lives without barriers. Kids & Art serves pediatric patients and their families through all stages of their journey—diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Cancer doesn't discriminate. Our kids come from all backgrounds and face no barriers to participation. Professional artists design our art experiences which occur in hospitals, waiting rooms, and online, in one-on-one and group sessions that offer respite through creativity.

Today, organizations like NeuroArts Blueprint are proving the connection between art and wellbeing that we've experienced for 15 years. Kids & Art is committed to building a future where the healing power of art is available, accessible, and adopted into a new integrated care model—as a prescribed component of treatment for all critically ill pediatric patients.