Artist-in-Residence Program Review

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Artist-in-Residence Program Review

Thank you for participating in the Kids & Art Foundation Artist-in-Residence program. We are grateful to partner with you to support so many children in your care through creative arts experiences.

In order to continue providing you and your patients the most meaningful and effective art experiences to enhance their wellbeing during treatment, your ongoing feedback about the program is essential. This feedback is a required part of the application and participation process.

Please take 10 minutes or less to complete the following questions.

Why? Not only does your input help us evolve our art projects and overall programs for you, your testimonials are of great value to our community, team, and donors as we work to fund and expand this program in a sustainable manner. Thank you!

Artist-in-Residence Program Feedback & Testimonials

A collection of art projects designed to offer independent art experiences to pediatric patients as creative arts support during treatment.